Tuulia Viljanen to substitute as communications specialist at the Finnish Student Sports Federation

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Tuulia Viljanen will substitute as communications specialist at the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) while Kristiina Teppo is on family leave.

Tuulia Viljanen will replace Kristiina Teppo as communications specialist until April 2024. Viljanen studied communications at the Tampere University, and has previously worked in sports clubs and at a communications agency. Viljanen will focus on the day-to-day communications at OLL, including for the centenary celebrations.

“Communications plays an essential role in raising awareness about the federation and its visibility, which is brought to the fore now even more on the eve of the centenary. It’s fascinating to get a deeper insight into university sports, student sports and their social impact also from a historical perspective,” Viljanen says.

The federation’s ongoing strategic reforms also create a need to update the communication strategy and to respond to such things as members’ requests for more easily usable materials.

“Kristiina has done a really great job in clarifying the communication line, and I’m very happy to pick up where she left off. Niko Peltokangas, who will continue as deputy Secretary General, is also a good help in this development work,” Viljanen says.

“I graduated last spring, so working in the field of university sports feels very much like home. Giving up my student status doesn’t feel so bad anymore,” says Viljanen, who has enjoyed success in weightlifting and powerlifting in the Finnish student championships.

You will reach Tuulia through email at tuulia.viljanen@oll.fi and by phone +358 46 921 1215.

Kristiina Teppo

Communications specialist (on parental leave)

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