Intervening in harassment at the Finnish Student Sports Federation

In all of OLL’ s activities we take a serious approach to harassment and the experiences of victims of harassment. Our approach is based on our equality plan, our safer space principles, and our ethical rules. If harassment occurs, participants can get help from the harassment contact persons, and also from the ethical committee if required.

We adhere to the safer space principles in all the activities of the Federation. When signing up for events, participants must commit to following the rules, which aim to prevent inappropriate behaviour and harassment. If harassment still occurs, we will intervene according to the following guidelines.

OLL’s guidelines for cases of harassment

  1. A case of inappropriate behaviour is reported to a harassment contact person, events organiser, online channel moderator, or other OLL official.
  2. The harassment contact persons go through the report. If the person who has experienced harassment requests it or handling the matter requires it, they will include other OLL officials, such as the person in charge of organising the event, the person in charge of equality, the President, or the Secretary General. At Finnish Student Championships, the matter is dealt with by the jury of the competition. In each case, it must be assessed whether any of these people should be disqualified from handling the matter and deciding on any disciplinary action.
  3. If the matter cannot be resolved or if one of the parties demands it, the issue will be transferred to the ethical committee in accordance with OLL’s ethical rules.
  4. If the case also meets the definition of a criminal offence, then it will be reported to the police with the permission of the victim or if the situation requires it. OLL’s own proceedings in the matter will be paused for the duration of the criminal process.
  5. The matter can lead to various measures. OLL as the event organiser or the organiser of the FSC can give out the following penalties: verbal caution, written warning, removal from the event, fine or compensation, or a ban which extends to a specific event/competition, and which is fixed term or temporary.
  6. The ethical committee can also give out penalties based on the ethical rules.

How to report harassment:

  1. Report cases of harassment either by using the anonymous form or by contacting the Federation’s harassment contact persons or the event organiser directly.
  2. If it is not possible to resolve the matter with the help of the harassment contact persons, please contact the Federation’s ethical committee (page currently only in Finnish and Swedish). Harassment contact persons may also contact the ethical committee with your permission.
  3. If required, parties can appeal the decision of the ethical committee with the sports arbitration board (external link) under the conditions named in the board’s rules.