We have collected here the materials of OLL's education of the mucipalelections. Materials are mainly in finnish, but some of they are also in swedish. None of the materials are in english.

In January of 2020, in the first sport operators sector meeting, we kept a general tutorial about the meaning of muncipal elections to the sport perspective. Unfortunetly the materials are only in finnish and swedish. You can download them in .PDF-form. In finnish here. In swedish here.

In the fall of 2020 we organized three mucipal election webinars with SAMOK and SYL. All of the webinars were recorded for the later use.

Subject of our webinar was influenzing to the muncipal boards and our speaker was Saara Hanhela fron Kuopio city's board of promoting well-being. You can watch the webinar here with finnish language and texts in here below or our Youtube-channel.

OLL's, SAMOK's and SYL's webinarrecordings and all presentations are available also in own private Google Drive folder. The link in the folder is shared by asking from our Senior Special Advisor for University Sports Jussi Ansala. Link is shared only to our members and cooperation members. All materials of the drive are not in achievable form.

Also OLL, SAMOK and SYL will range with Akava's and STTK's students a campaingn whitch aims to higher voting activity of the students. We will update here kampaign materials for the using together.