Cooperation with the Regional Sports Federations

Sports Tutor and Students on the Move workshop training

The Regional Sports Federations have worked together with the Students on the Move programme to organise the Sports Tutor and Students on the Move workshops for a few years now.

In the Sports Tutor training, students will gain knowledge and skills on how to plan and organize activities and how to activate other students and staff.

In the Students on the Move workshop, school staff and student representatives discuss and plan what increasing exercise and physical activity in their own school could mean.

The more detailed content of the training is always agreed on separately according to the needs of the school in question.

As part of the development of our Higher Education on the Move activities, these training sessions could be modified in the future to make them better suited for higher education institutions and related actors.

We will talk about cooperation opportunities in training with representatives of the Regional Sports Federations and the Students on the Move programme.