What is the Universities on the Move – VISION2025 scorecard?

The Universities on the Move – VISION2025 scorecard (UM scorecard for short) is a tool aimed at developing university sports which can be used by university sports services, student unions and interest groups aiming to promote university sports. The scorecard is available in Finnish and Swedish.

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The aims of the UM scorecard:

  1. Facilitate the dialogue between service providers (university sports services/universities) and service users (student unions/students) in order to identify strengths and areas of improvement in the sports conditions at the university.
  2. Offer collegial support for improving the areas that have been identified (e.g. various parties share tips with others about the good stuff they do).
  3. Create an up to date, national overview of Finnish university sports, its strengths and areas of improvement.

The UM scorecard has been created by the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) in collaboration with parties such as the Students on the Move programme, LIKES Foundation for Sport and Health Sciences, and the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus. Avoine Oy is in charge of the technical implementation of the scorecard.

The work on the UM scorecard has been funded by a national development grant for an active lifestyle from the Ministry of Education and Culture. We will continue to improve the scorecard based on the feedback received.