About us

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL), founded in 1924, is a national advocacy and service organization working for the betterment of Finnish student sports. We represent all Finnish higher education students. OLL engages in advocacy work, offers support services and training, does research, and is active in both national and international fields in order to promote student sports

The primary goal of OLL is to ensure that students engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and well-being. We want a physically active lifestyle to be possible for everyone in the higher education community. We promote the well-being and sports culture of higher education students by being the most prominent voice and expert in higher education and student sports. Our work supports all students regardless of the type of sport or exercise.

Student unions and student associations are full members of OLL. Cooperation members may include national, regional and local actors in the sports, health and student sectors.

Learn more about our activities on the Operational environment page.