Motivational speeches

SAKU ry has developed motivational speeches aimed specifically at employees. The speeches are approximately ½–2 hours long.

The speeches focus on the question of “How and why should we increase everyday physical activity in schools?” The motivational speeches often include reflection tasks and coming up with new ideas for sports activities.

We think that these motivational speeches would be well-suited for the higher education environment as well.

The motivational speeches can be tailored to suit current needs. These could include reducing sedentary behaviour and sitting in lecture environments, for example.

If you are interested in these type of motivational speeches, feel free to contact our experts so that we can think of a solution best suited for your higher education institution.

Anni Liina Ikonen, Special Advisor for University Sport:, +358 44 780 0219

Jussi Ansala, Senior Special Advisor for University Sport:, +358 44 780 0214