How do I make an insurance claim?

Student, have you had an accident at an event insured by the Finnish Student Sports Federation? On this page you can find detailed instructions for making an insurance claim after an accident. We will also give you key information about our accident insurance.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If you have an accident at an event that has been insured by the Finnish Student Sports Federation, please follow these steps:

  1. First cover the costs yourself (doctor’s appointments, health centre fees). NB: Make sure to keep hold of all receipts, as you will need to send these to the insurance company later.
  2. Send an account of what happened via email to OLL’s Secretary General (you can find their contact details on the Contact information page) as soon as possible – but no later than 2 weeks after the accident occurred. Also include a picture of your student ID with a valid term sticker.
  3. OLL will provide you with the insurance policy number. This number allows you to notify the insurance company’s claims service about the accident.
  4. You can now contact the insurance company directly.

NB: If your doctor suggests expensive treatment or other further measures it is possible to apply for a payment commitment granted by the insurance company. You can apply for a payment commitment by sending a medical certificate for the injury and your insurance claim to OP Pohjola. Most health care providers will send a certificate to your insurance company if requested. For more information, please contact OP Pohjola’s insurance services, tel. 0303 0303, or OP Pohjola’s Claim Help.

For more information about insurance matters, please contacts OLL’s Secretary General (you can find their contact details on the Contact information page).

What are the policy conditions?

Please read the conditions of our accident insurance policy carefully by following these links:

OP Pohjola’s group accident insurance for businesses

OP Pohjola’s Group Accident Insurance, general conditions RT 01

What sports and situations are not covered?

NB: According to the above terms of OP Pohjola’s group accident insurance, the following are not covered by our insurance policy:

  • licensed competitive sports
  • combat sports, contact sports or martial arts
  • motor sports
  • air sports
  • climbing sports, such as mountain, rock or ice climbing
  • scuba diving or freediving
  • freestyle, speed or downhill skiing or skiing on ungroomed or unmarked slopes
  • regular weekly training sessions

What is the maximum amount covered by the policy?

These are the maximum cover amounts of our accident insurance:

  • Treatment costs per accident up to €8,500 (excess €0)
  • Daily allowance for incapacity for work caused by the accident €0
  • Maximum cover for accidental permanent injury €10,000
  • Maximum cover for accidental death € 5,000

NB: OLL is not liable to pay you compensation if the insurance company rejects your claim. OLL will also not be liable for any costs that exceed the maximum compensation (€8500).