Services for Academic Sports Services

Network of Academic Sports Services

We coordinate the operations of the network for academic sports service workers. The network offers its members the opportunity to network, collaborate and receive training as part of a nationwide community of colleagues.

Read more about the Network of Academic Sports Services on the network’s website.

Professional support for higher education sports

Do you have a question related to the implementation of higher education sports?

OLL's experts have followed Finnish higher education sports first-hand for years. We have been involved in the development of higher education sports by coordinating the Barometer of Higher Education Sports (Korkeakoululiikunnan barometri) and the national recommendations for unversity sports, among other things. Learn more about the recommendations for university sports here.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding higher education sports. If needed, we will utilize our own networks to find the answers to your questions.

You can also invite us to steering groups for projects related to higher education sports.

You can contact our higher education sports experts at any time! You can find our up-to-date contact details on the Contact information page.