General Assembly

The General Assembly guides our operations in a variety of ways. The General Assembly convenes annually at the end of the year. At the General Assembly, we decide on the operations of the coming year and on OLL’s more far-reaching guidelines.

What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly

  • elects the Board
  • decides on the documents that guide OLL’s operations, such as the plan of work, budget and strategy
  • wields the highest decision-making power in OLL.

Most importantly, the General Assembly is an excellent opportunity to influence the direction of OLL’s operations, strengthen the unity of the student movement on both sides of the dual model of the Finnish system of higher education, and get to know to new student influencers from all over Finland. The General Assembly is the best time you can have!

We will publish the General Assembly materials in OLL’s statutory languages, i.e. in Finnish and Swedish. The General Assembly is held mainly in Finnish.

General Assembly annual clock

This infographic shows the General Assembly annual clock: arrangements, preparation of General Assembly materials, preliminary invitation to member corporations, formal invitation to member corporations and observers, comment round, review of the comments, final materials for member corporations, General Assembly, publishing the documents that the General Assembly has decided on, Board training.

The General Assembly sets the pace for OLL’s operations throughout the year. The arrangements start already at the beginning of the year, when the Board starts preparing materials for the General Assembly together with the Secretary General and other members of the staff. The annual cycle culminates at the General Assembly, held at the end of the year.

If you want to know more about the General Assembly, please contact us! You can find our contact details on the Contact information page.