International activities

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) represents Finland in the field of international student sports. Our key networks include the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the European University Sports Association (EUSA). We represent Finland at the umbrella organizations’ General Assemblies and at other meetings.

We represent Finnish values

OLL does advocacy work and makes the voice of Finnish students heard in the operations of international student sports organizations. We are pioneers in questions of social and ecological sustainability and promote, for example:

  • gender and intergenerational equity
  • non-discrimination and addressing harassment
  • mitigating climate change and protecting the environment.

We advocate health-promoting exercise and clean sports. We also promote a sports for all way of thinking, i.e. the promotion of exercise and sports at all levels.

Comprehensive and equal opportunities for sports and exercise are among the basic rights of all students.

We have representatives in international institutions

We influence international student sports through our Finnish representatives. At present, we have Finnish representatives in both EUSA and FISU.

OLL’s representatives in FISU‘s committees:

  • Jarmo Jalarvo; Chair of the Technical Committee, Winter World University Games/Ice Hockey
  • Tapio Kallio; Vice-Chair of the International Medical Committee
  • Marie Lundmark; Chair of the Technical Committee, Winter World University Games/Figure Skating
  • Markku Vauhkonen; Chair of the Technical Committee, World University Ski Orienteering Championships

Read more about FISU's operations on the FISU website.

OLL’s representatives in EUSA‘s commissions:

  • Kaisla Osara, Student Commission

Read more about EUSA's operations on the EUSA website.

We are involved in international student sports competitions

OLL grants the right of representation to Finnish teams that want to participate in the European University Championships and the European Universities Games.

Read more about international students sports competitions on the International student sports competitions page.