Helsinki City Running Day

Helsinki City Running Day (HCRD), the biggest running event of the year, brings together more than 10,000 runners every year. This super day of running is traditionally organised in Helsinki in May. Choose the event that suits you best in the feel-good running event. As a member of The Finnish Student Sports Federation, you get a discount on entry prices.

How large a discount will I receive?

As a student member of OLL, you get the following discounts:

● Helsinki City Marathon: -20% on the entry price with code OLLMARATON24

● Other events (see below): -10% on the entry price with code OLLHCRD24

What events can I participate in during HCRD?

The Helsinki City Running Day includes following events:
Helsinki City Marathon
Helsinki City Run (Half Marathon)
Marathon Relay
Helsinki City5 (5 km run)
Double (Marathon and Half Marathon combined)

When can I sign up?

Registration for the next HCRD event begins immediately after the previous event has ended. Entry prices go up progressively during the course of the year. It pays to be quick and get the tickets for the next event in good time!

How do I get more information on the HCRD event?

Get updated information on the Helsinki City Running Day event by visiting the home page of the event.