How to apply as an FSC organiser

Assemble a passionate team and organise a Finnish Student Championship in the sport of your choice! On this page, you will find all the necessary information about becoming an FSC organiser.

What sports are eligible for a Finnish Student Championship?

The range of available sports is wide, but you can expand it even further if you want to. Over the years, we have had championships ranging from bingo to weightlifting and snow football.

Check out the latest list of championship events on the FSC website. The majority of the content on the website is currently only in Finnish.

Who can organise an FSC?

The primary organisers of Finnish Student Championships are OLL’s member organisations, i.e. student unions or associations or their sub-organisations, such as student sports clubs, subject organisations or organisations for a specific field of study.
A higher education institution’s sports service provider can also organise an FSC. If none of the aforementioned parties have applied as an organiser of a certain Championship, the OLL Board may, at its discretion, grant the right to organise the Championship to some other party, such as a student union, student association, sports association, sports club or sports company that is not a member of OLL.

How do I apply as an FSC organiser?

If you are interested in organising an FSC, please read carefully through:
● the FSC regulations (in Finnish)
● OLL’s equality plan (in Finnish and Swedish) and
● OLL’s environmental responsibility programme (in Finnish, Swedish and English).

Also fill in the application form Apply as an FSC organiser (in Finnish) and attach a light project plan for the Championships.
Send in the application and include a project plan for the Championships. We will publish the relevant deadlines on this page every year.
After the deadline, you can apply for Championships that have not been appointed an organiser. In these cases, the fastest application wins.

Why should I organise an FSC?

As an organiser, you will receive valuable experience in organising an event, have a chance to network with like-minded people, and get to attend an unforgettable sporting spectacle. If requested, we will deliver certificates to the main organisers of the FSC as proof of
their work in organising the event. Organisers will receive relevant training and OLL’s manual for FSC organisers. The manual is currently available only in Finnish.

At the training, we will go through FSC regulations, responsibility issues and practical tips for organising an FSC.
The date of the training will be agreed separately with each organiser.

Can I follow the Finnish Student Championships on social media?

You sure can! Like and follow the Official FSC Facebook group.