Strategy 2021‒2023


Federation's long-term guiding document.

Primary task, dream and values

Primary task

We promote the well-being and sports culture of students.


Students engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and well-being.



By inspiring and being inspired, we lower the threshold for physical exercise. We are aware that inspiration is a prerequisite for learning and new ideas, both for individuals and communities.


Physical exercise prevents loneliness and promotes togetherness. We promote the sports culture of students together with various actors in the sports and student sectors, both nationally and internationally.


Each organisation must take the social, ecological and financial responsibility for its activities. We are a feminist organisation and we act responsibly both for the Federation and society.

Key areas of activity

Well-being through physical exercise

OLL focuses on improving the conditions in higher education institutions and on supporting local actors so that individual students have better opportunities for physical exercise.

Improving the conditions for higher education sports

  • 60% of the higher education institutions have committed themselves to Higher Education on the Move activities by 2023.
  • Students' daily sitting time is reduced by one hour.

Training supports local activities

  • Our training provides the participants with tools for their work to promote sports culture.
  • The number of sports tutors in higher education institutions will increase by 15 percent by 2023.

Advocacy and lobbying

We carry out cross-cutting and long-term advocacy work and lobbying to promote well-being.

Expert in higher education sports

  • Our expert services meet the expectations of the member organisations.
  • We bring together the various actors in higher education sports by maintaining national networks.

National and international advocate

  • The role of sports and physical exercise is strengthened and more resources are allocated to them in municipalities and state administration.
  • The advocacy work carried out by OLL gains visibility in the media and among stakeholders.
  • International umbrella organisations for student sports see physical exercise with a low threshold for participation as an important part of higher education sports.

Critical success factors

Our activities are financially stable, long-term and include all students.

We have to manage our finances responsibly so that we are viable in the long term. We cooperate more closely with the higher education institutions in order to promote the well-being and sports culture of students.

We will find a sustainable solution to the membership model, covering as high a percentage of higher education students as possible.

We cooperate closely with the member organisations

Promoting the goals of the Federation requires a continuous dialogue and close cooperation with local actors.

Dialogue and close cooperation help us strengthen the role of sports and physical exercise in student culture, best serve the needs of the member organisations and offer expert services in a goal-oriented way.

Our communications are effective, accessible and cross-cutting

Communications play a significant role in achieving the Federation’s strategic goals, and communications must be at the heart of our activities. In communications, we focus on our member organisations and stakeholders.

It is important that we develop the communications expertise of OLL’s experts so that our member and stakeholder communications are more effective.

Our dream is that students engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and well-being.