Voimalajiliitto license

The Finnish Student Sports Federation and Suomen Voimalajiliitto (Finnish Heavy Events Association) offer a competition license for OLL members at a discounted member price (40€). This license allows you to take part in all competitions maintained by Voimalajiliitto for as long as the license is valid.

What is Voimalajiliitto?

Voimalajiliitto is a national sport association for strength athletics. Voimalajiliitto aims to promote, supervise and improve the popularity of different strength sports, both in the competitive field and as a hobby. Learn more about Voimalajiliitto’s activities and goals on the Voimalajiliitto website (website only in Finnish).

Voimalajiliitto is committed to anti-doping action and is a member of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

What strength sports can I take part in with the license?

The license allows you to take part in all sports maintained by Voimalajiliitto:
● Strongman/Strongwoman
● Pole fitness (several different series)
● Grip strength
● Highland games
● Tug of war (rope pulling)

In addition to these sports, Voimalajiliitto also organizes numerous individual competitions, such as:

● Finnish Deadlift Championship

Many of these sports have different categories divided according to weight and age.

You can learn more about the different sports and competitions on the Voimalajiliitto website (website only in Finnish).

Additional information about the Voimalajiliitto license

In order to participate in Voimalajiliitto’s competitions, you need to have a valid anti-doping agreement.

You will automatically enter into an anti-doping agreement when you purchase the license on the Voimalajiliitto website.

You must also meet the criteria for participation (Voimalajiliitto’s rules, age, gender and/or qualification results).

Read carefully through the criteria for purchasing the license and for participation on the Voimalajiliitto website (website only in Finnish).

How do I claim the discount for the license?

After purchasing the license at a discounted student price, send a photo of your student card to info@suomenvoimalajiliitto.fi. This is to prove Voimalajiliitto that you are eligible for the member discount.