Harassment contact persons

OLL’s harassment contact persons lend their ear and support to anyone who experiences or witnesses any kind of inappropriate behaviour at OLL’s events. You can use the anonymous form found on this page to report any inappropriate behaviour that you may have encountered at an OLL event.

We always adhere to safer space principles in our events. Learn more about our safer space principles here.

Tuulia Viljanen (English, Finnish)
Communications specialist
tuulia.viljanen@oll.fi, +358 46 921 1215

Tomas Kurenniemi (English, Finnish)
Vice president
tomas.kurenniemi@oll.fi, +358 44 7800 217 (ei tekstiviestejä / no SMS)

If you have encountered or witnessed harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour:

  1. Contact the event's harassment contact person personally, via telephone or via this anonymous form. You can also contact the harassment contact persons after the event.
  2. Tell them what you have experienced or what has happened.
  3. Talk with the harassment contact person about how to resolve the matter. If you so wish, the harassment contact person can contact the different parties involved in the situation.

When you contact a harassment contact person:

  • The harassment contact person listens to you without judging.
  • The harassment contact person is under an obligation of confidentiality.
  • The harassment contact person and the person who has experienced harassment can talk about the situation confidentially.
  • The harassment contact persons will never take any action without your consent.

With your consent, the harassment contact person may:

  • Contact the parties involved in the harassment situation and discuss what has happened.
  • Arrange an opportunity for the parties involved in the harassment situation to discuss what has happened.
  • Advise the parties involved in the harassment situation to contact various support services, e.g. telephone services.
  • Assemble a group of OLL people to decide on possible disciplinary measures, e.g. removing the person who has acted inappropriately from an event or banning them from OLL’s future events.