OLL in two minutes

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) is a national advocacy and service organization for student and university exercise. We promote student welfare and exercise culture. Our dream is for students to have sufficient exercise for their health and well-being.

OLL in numbers

What does our funding consist of?

The general subsidy is our main source of income, covering more than half of our entire funding. Project subsidy forms approximately one sixth of our funding. Our second largest source of income after general subsidy is membership fees, which form about a quarter of our income. Participation fees for various events make up about 10% of our income.

Our funding consists mainly of the general subsidy for organizations promoting exercise granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM). In addition, we receive a project subsidy for promoting an exercise-oriented lifestyle granted by OKM. The rest of our funding consists of membership fees paid by the member communities and participation fees for the events we organize.

Our organizational chart

The infographic depicts the federation’s organizational chart. At the top of the chart is the membership. Under membership is the general assembly, under general assembly the board, and under board, the general secretary and employees. Workgroups are separate entities formed by the membership, general assembly, board and employees. The board and employees maintain contact with other stakeholders.

Ultimate decision-making power in our federation is exercised by its members. Read more about our member communities on our Members page.

The main channel of influence in our federation is the general assembly held in the autumn. You can find all useful information about the general assembly on our General assembly page.

A board elected by the general assembly, a general secretary working for the board and other employees are responsible for day-to-day activities. The size of the board and number of employees vary year by year. You can see our current line-up on our Contact information page.

The board and employees operate workgroups that representatives of member organizations may also participate in. The board and employees also maintain contact with stakeholders. Read more about the federation’s operating environment on Our activities page.