Get active with the student sports clubs

All Finnish universities offer a huge number of student sports clubs. There is a large variety of sports available, and every day hundreds of students take part. The best way to find the exercise and sports clubs at your university is via your student union. Or do you have plans to start your own student sports club?

Student sports give you energy

The student sports clubs provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the joy of movement. Physical activity is a great counterbalance to your studies. It will also give you the chance to get to know new people in your student community. Visit your student union’s website to find out what kind of student sports clubs are available on your campus. Go ahead and get involved!

Are you dreaming of your own student sports club?

Have you not found your favourite sport among the local student sports clubs? Don’t worry! You can roll up your sleeves and start your own. Your student union can give you more information and help in starting your own club. The elected representatives and staff members who are in charge of sports in your member organisation will support you in all the practical matters.

Do you want to improve your club?

Do you already have a student sports club, and would like to improve its activities? We help student sports clubs that are part of our member organisations to apply for government grants for club development from the Ministry of Education and Culture. If you plan to apply for funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture for developing your club it makes sense to get in touch with us first. We would be happy to help you with your application.

You can find the contact details for our employees who are in charge of club development on our Contact details page.