Music licensing agreements

The Finnish Student Sports Federation offers its members music permits for small events organised by the member organisations.

On this page you can find more information on our current music licensing agreements.

The royalties for music that is played at public sporting events is coordinated through the agreements that the Finnish Olympic Committee has entered into with the music copyright organisations Teosto* and Gramex**.

As a member of the Olympic Committee we offer our members music permits for their sporting events.

What kind of events are covered by the permits?

The music licensing agreements that the Finnish Student Sports Federation has entered into allow our member organisations to use music as part of their

  • exercise and sports activities, e.g. competitions, training sessions, competition or training areas, and exercise and sporting events
  • small side events, such as fairs, parties, get-togethers, performances, and camp events.

The key points of the music licensing agreement

  • A condition of the agreement is that the event, activity or function is organised by a national sport association, club or team under the Finnish Olympic Committee. The Finnish Student Sports Federation is a member of the Olympic Committee, so in this agreement OLL is comparable to a national sport association, and the student unions and student organisations are comparable to clubs.
  • Within the framework of this agreement exercise and sports clubs can play music freely at various sporting events and exercise classes.
  • The agreement covers events with fewer than 15,000 participants or spectators. For side events, the upper limit is 200 participants.
  • The agreement does not cover music played as part of commercial activity.

The music licensing agreement is valid 2022. You can find more detailed information about the agreement on the Olympic Committee’s website (in Finnish).

What do the agreements not cover?

The agreements do not cover all playing of music, such as:

  • commercial activity
  • professional performers
  • using music online
  • streaming services (such as Spotify) or
  • social events.

If an event organiser is unsure of whether their event is covered by the agreement, please get in touch with both Teosto and Gramex directly. Any compensation should also be negotiated directly with Teosto and Gramex.

Do we need to apply for a music permit?

The music permit is valid automatically. That means that our member organisations do not need to apply for a separate music permit from the Finnish Student Sports Federation for their event.

You need the agreement numbers for your reports

As an event organiser you need the agreement numbers for any reports.

  • Agreement number for Teosto: 70014878.
  • Agreement number for Gramex: LII040.

* Teosto is the copyright organisation for composers, lyricists, arrangers and music publishers. Teosto sells licenses to use music on behalf of the creators and publishers.

** Gramex is the copyright organisation for performing artists and sound recording producers. Gramex collects the royalties for using recorded music on behalf of the performers and producers.