For member organisations

Membership of the Finnish Student Sports Federation brings a range of useful and enjoyable benefits, such as membership benefits, training and expert services to promote sports in higher education.

Welcome to the website for member organisations! These pages will tell you everything you need to know about Finnish Student Sports Federation membership and our services.


As a student union member, check out the pages for student unions and make use of the links as you surf our site.

The Academic Sports Services website provides useful information on cooperation with the Finnish Student Sports Federation and on cooperation membership with municipal sports services.

Want to refresh your memory and view a list of members of the Finnish Student Sports Federation? Use features such as the map function to check the latest situation on the ‘Our members’ page and learn about other member organisations.

General Assembly

Go to the General Assembly page for all information about the General Assembly. More material is available on the Finnish and Swedish pages.

Benefits, training and membership issues

We offer a range of membership benefits both to our member organisations and student members.

Check out the training calendar on the training we offer. Training and other expert services are available here.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for or want to talk to us, don’t hesitate to contact us!