SELL Student Games

SELL Student Games is a student sports festival held in May. Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania take turns to host the Games each year. The Games were first held in the 1920s. The Games were not held during World War II when the Soviet Union was occupying the Baltic States, but they were brought back in the 1990s.

The traditional Games have no qualification limits, and they are open to all higher education students.

Participants of the SELL Student Games normally compete in the following sports:
● track and field
● basketball
● mini football (7 vs. 7)
● powerlifting
● judo
● orienteering
● volleyball
● floorball
● swimming
● table tennis
● badminton.

More detailed information on the Games and the sports included will be published on the website established for that year’s Games.

The registration for the Games is coordinated by each higher education institution, assisted by OLL.