Academic sports services

Academic sports services can join the Finnish Student Sports Federation as cooperation members. A cooperation membership is an efficient way for university sports services to join us in improving Finnish higher education sports. Are your sports services already a cooperation member of OLL?

A bunch of staff members from university sports services all over Finland, the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s Special Advisors for University Sport Anni Liina Ikonen and Jussi Ansala, and 2019 Vice-Presidents Tiina Anttonen and Harri Nurmi at the network meeting in the spring 2019, held at the Mikkeli campus of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK.

Network of academic sports services

The purpose of the supporting membership is to create a joint effort by higher education institutions and the Finnish Student Sports Federation to promote the development of Finnish higher education sports. OLL is in charge of coordinating the development work on a national level.

With the support of our supporting members OLL is able to maintain a network of academic sports services with varied activities. The network offers its members the opportunity to have a dialogue between different sports services, exchange good practices, network, and take part in training. A cooperation member is an important supporter of the network of sports services!

The network of sports services offers its members:

  • access to a national network of colleagues
  • the opportunity to exchange good practices
  • networking and training.

All this is guaranteed through two annual network meetings, the network’s joint Facebook group (the link will take you to Facebook) and the electronic Higher Education on the Move databank where we collect useful information for developing higher education sports. Currently most of the content in the databank is in Finnish.

Find out more about the activities of the network for sports services and the network meetings on the Network of university sports services page.

Cooperation membership benefits

Becoming a cooperation member will give you the following benefits:

  • One (1) vote to be used at the Finnish Student Sports Federation’s annual General Assembly.
  • Reduced admission fees for the sports services’ network meeting: €160/person for cooperation members (€260 for non-members). If your organisation pays for at least five admissions to the annual network events, you will have recovered the cost of the membership.
  • You are supporting the Union’s national sports advocacy work, the development of the network of sports services, and keeping the network as part of OLL’s core activities.

Information about the cooperation membership

How much is the cooperation membership?

The cost of a cooperation membership is €500 per year for an organisation.

Who can apply to become a cooperation member?

The Union can accept national, regional, and local organisations, foundations and other communities with legal status who work in the sports, health, and student sectors as cooperation members.

How do you apply for cooperation membership?

You can apply to become a supporting member with this Apply to become a cooperation member application form.

Our cooperation members are:

Academic Sports of Jyväskylä uMove
Link to the website

Link to the website

Lahti, Lappeenranta
Link to the website

Sports services of the University of Eastern Finland SYKETTÄ
Kuopio & Joensuu & Iisalmi & Varkaus
Link to the website

Link to the website

Helsinki region
Link to the website