Anni Liina Ikonen

Special Advisor for University Sport

Higher Education on the Move, sports tutoring, Network of Academic Sports Services (Korkeakoulujen liikuntatoimien verkosto), development of equality

Email address:

+358 44 780 0219

Born into a family of orienteerers, Ansku navigates the terrain between the Higher Education on the Move programme, sports tutoring, the Network of Academic Sports Services and the promotion of equality.

Ansku, also called the “most politically correct bundle of competitiveness” at the Office, gets inspired by joint brainstorming sessions and the effective implementation of the ideas generated by them.

Instead of checkpoints, Ansku’s path to the world of sports started at the Töölö Sports Hall with four pieces of gymnastics equipment. This path led Ansku first to football and then to crossfit in 2020. The diversity of crossfit is where this orienteerer finally found her peace of mind.