Accident insurance

Insure the participants of your sports event or competition against accidents with OLL’s accident insurance.

In the event of an accident, insured student members can apply for accident compensation. You can find the instructions for students in the “For Students” menu, under “How do I make an insurance claim?”

OLL’s accident insurance is valid for one-time sports tryouts, events and competitions that have been reported to OLL and are organised by full members of OLL.

“One-time” refers to individual events or short courses with just a few sessions. The accident insurance does not cover e.g. football training held every week or a basketball series that runs for an entire semester.

Who is covered by the accident insurance?

The accident insurance only applies to members of OLL's member corporations who take part in sports tryouts, events or competitions. The accident insurance also covers any trips directly related to such events.

A competition may be e.g. a floorball tournament between subject organisations or a running race within a single subject organisation. A beginners’ bowling course for the student union is another example of an event covered by the insurance.

How do I apply for accident insurance?

Report the following details regarding the event to us:

  • event, time and place
  • estimated number of participants
  • estimated number of volunteers organising the event
  • organising body (including the student union or student association) and contact person with contact details.

Submit the event notification at least one week before the event via Accident Insurance form found at the end of this page.

What are the conditions of the accident insurance?

Read carefully through the insurance conditions found on OP Pohjola’s website:

OP Pohjola’s group accident insurance for companies

OP Pohjola’s group accident insurance, general terms and conditions RT 01

What types of sports and situations are not covered by the accident insurance?

Please note that, as per the terms and conditions of OP Pohjola’s group accident insurance found above, the insurance does not cover:

  • licensed competitive sports
  • combat and contact sports
  • motor sports
  • aviation sports
  • climbing sports, such as mountain, rock or ice climbing
  • scuba or free diving
  • freestyle skiing, speed or downhill skiing, skiing on unattended slopes or outside marked slopes
  • regular weekly sports shifts

How high is the accident insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage is capped at:

  • Medical expenses per accident: max. €8,500 (deductible: €0)
  • Daily allowance for incapacity for work caused by an accident: €0
  • Compensation for permanent damage caused by an accident: max. €10,000
  • Compensation for death caused by an accident: max €5,000

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident at an event insured by OLL, the person involved in the accident and applying for accident compensation must do the following (P.S. You can find these instructions also in the “For Students” menu, under “How do I make an insurance claim?”):

  1. First pay for any medical expenses yourself (doctor's visits, health centre fees). NOTE! Keep the receipts, as you will have to deliver them to the insurance company later.
  2. Submit a report of the incident via email as soon as possible – but no later than 2 weeks after the accident – to OLL’s Secretary General (you can find our contact details on the Contact information page). Also include a photo of your student card with a valid semester sticker.
  3. OLL will give you your insurance number. You can use the number to report the accident to the insurance company's claim service.
  4. After this, you will do business directly with the insurance company.

NOTE! If the doctor suggests more expensive examinations or other follow-up measures, you can request a financial commitment for the expenses from the insurance company. You can request a financial commitment by delivering a medical report regarding the injury and a loss report to OP Pohjola. Most medical institutions will send the report to the insurance company if asked for it. For more information, please contact OP Pohjola’s insurance services (tel. 0303 0303) or OP Pohjola’s Claim Help.

NOTE! OLL is not liable to compensate you for damages if the insurance company rejects the compensation claim. OLL is also not liable to compensate you for expenses that exceed the insurance coverage cap (€8,500).

For more information on insurance-related matters, please contact OLL’s Secretary General (you can find our contact details on the Contact information page).

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