The Finnish Student Sports Federation is taking part in building a just transition

Few things create so much good in society as the sports sector. And yet its importance is only acknowledged as an aside. A huge amount of expertise in everything from sports facilities to events and from activity-based work to nutrition often remains unutilised. This means that the sports sector walks humbly in the shadows, but there is a great deal of strength to be found in the shadows and asides. A strength which can be used for the good of the environment.

Quietly in the background, the sports sector has been taking steps forward for the environment and the
climate. We have been building energy neutral ice rinks, created discounts for attendees arriving at events
by public transport, organised the re-use of sports equipment in clubs, etc. The Finnish Student Sports
Federation is a pioneer on federation level when it comes to taking the environment into account in our
work, and we are happy to see that the majority of our sector has now joined us in this.

Many different sectors can make use of the skills and knowledge found within the sports sector. We know
how and where people move in their daily lives and hobbies, and how to plan areas so that they increase
movement and reduce car use. We know that nature, from national parks to local forests, make people
move more, and we can organise events without leaving behind a mountain of rubbish. We know how
sports halls can save energy and how to come up with innovative solutions. We know what constitutes a
varied, environmentally friendly diet that is the best kind of fuel for the body.

There is a great deal of knowledge in the sports sector that decision-makers can tap into when making
decisions about energy, the economy and work. The global responsibility and preventing inequality are a
part of our daily lives, and we can no longer postpone the investments needed in these areas. Now is the
time for a fair transition!

The Finnish Student Sports Federation is participating in the parliamentary election campaign Just Transition Now!, which is run by Finnwatch. OLL and 62 other organisations have signed the principles for a
fair transition. Solutions have to be found to tackle the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, not to forget a
fair transition.

Markku Rantahalvari
Events and training specialist / +358 44 780 0217

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