Nita Vallimäki

Vice President 2020

Communication, events, sports tutoring, activities with sponsored organizations, alumni activities

Email address:

+358 44 780 0216

The workdays of this vocal woman from Satakunta are mainly filled with communications-related wizardry and tinkering with events. Energy-rich and positive Nita enjoys efficient work and a laid-back community spirit. This student of production planning and logistics cherishes simple everyday moments, such as morning coffee and the smell of fresh laundry.

Nita feels that sports have given her a lot – numerous lessons and many friends. This lover of various sports also finds the peace of mind in her everyday life through physical challenges. When she wants some action in her life, Nita heads to the slopes with her skis, and when she wants to laugh at herself, she takes a tour on the golf course.

Sponsored organisations: Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, LYY, O’Diako, SAMMAKKO, SAMO, SHS, VYY