The Oracle, please tell me, what does the OLL Board do?

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What does a typical working week look like for the OLL Board? Where does the Board work? Do the Board Members receive compensation for their work? Who works with who? 

The Board of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) consists of the President, two Vice-Presidents and two Board Members.

The titles of the above-mentioned Board positions are unambiguous, but many of us may be less familiar with the related tasks. This is going to change now!

The OLL General Assembly 2019 approved the internal motion to establish a working group to support candidates applying to be on the OLL Board for the coming year.

The OLL Board has decided to write a Handbook for Board candidates, which describes how to apply to be on the Board, the activities of the Federation and the terms of office for the Board.

The handbook will be sent to the member organisations in early summer by e-mail. The handbook will also be permanently available on the new OLL website this autumn.

This autumn, the OLL Board will also organise remote meetings where anyone interested will be able to ask questions about the Board positions and how to apply to be on the Board.

We will announce the dates for the autumn’s remote meetings later.

Yours truly actually asked the Oracle: What does the OLL Board do?

The Oracle answered: Hugs, even without any special reason.

The Oracle knows! 🙂

For more information, please contact:

Nita Vallimäki
tel. +358 44 780 0216.

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