Time to put an end to issues in student wellbeing - The Finnish Student Sports Federation demands actions for university sports

The increase of poor wellbeing among university students is common knowledge, but attempts to take on the issue have remained lukewarm. At the next parliamentary election it is time to focus on university students’ wellbeing and physical activity, the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) demands at their General Assembly, held in Vuokatti on the 2nd and 3rd November.

“In the past year, new studies have told us the bleak truth about the state of the wellbeing of university students. The Finnish Student Health and Wellbeing Survey (KOTT), carried out in 2021, particularly highlighted the alarming situation of university students. The study shows that 35 percent of university students have faced psychological stress, and less than half of the students achieved the recommendations for daily exercise,” says President Essi Lumme.

In recent years during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of criticism has been directed at the Government for not taking sufficient measures to improve the wellbeing of students.

“As we approach the parliamentary election, we demand a change in the situation,” Lumme underlines.

Hopes for a new direction for university sports after the parliamentary election

OLL is calling for the Government to clamp down on issues relating to university students’ wellbeing and physical activity, as these issues have a wide-ranging impact in society as a whole. Young people’s wellbeing, their future ability to work, and the future of society are all interlinked, which is why OLL is highlighting the urgency of these measures. The situation won’t improve in the near future, based on the wellbeing issues that are now appearing as early as comprehensive school.

“Raising the conversation regarding student sports and wellbeing in the upcoming parliamentary election is the first step towards making progress with these issues. Getting entries on improving the situation of university sports into the Government programme is the kind of concrete measure we’re after,” says Emilia Junnila, who has been elected as OLL President for 2023.

“Since OLL and many other student and sports organisations have already come up with solutions for these problems, the measures to improve university sports and student wellbeing don’t need to start from scratch. It is time to implement these solutions and put an end to issues in student wellbeing now,” Junnila summarises.

Further information:

President Essi Lumme
essi.lumme@oll.fi, +358 44 7800 211

President for 2023 Emilia Junnila
emilia.junnila@hyy.fi, +35850 355 4770

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