OLL’s joint event on the 22 of February will bring student sports into the election debate

The Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL's campaign Liikuttavan arvokas is all about highlighting the importance of student sports in the parliamentary election. The campaign will be launched with a joint national event on the 22 of February 2023. On the same date, OLL is also organising a public event open for all at Kansalaistori in Helsinki in collaboration with UniSport.

The Finnish Student Sports Federation’s parliamentary election goals emphasise the investments required for university sports and the wellbeing of university students. Even though the number of university students who get the recommended amount of exercise has increased, more than half (54%) of them still have too little physical activity in their daily lives.

The current debate about low levels of exercise is completely ignoring this group of 300,000 university students.

“Rectifying this situation will require concrete changes to the university environment and the conditions for studying, and also financial incentives for universities to guarantee opportunities for physical activity. The current debate about low levels of exercise is completely ignoring this group of 300,000 university students,” OLL:s President Emilia Junnila says.

In order to remind decision makers about this alarming figure, OLL is organising a joint national event called Liikuttavan arvokas on the 22 of February. On this day, everyone will be encouraged to take a 54-minute break in their day of studying or working in order to exercise.

During the event participants can go for a walk, do a relaxing office workout, exercise with friends, organise a sports event or take part in OLL’s event at Kansalaistori in Helsinki at 2 pm.

“We hope that individual students, student organisations and university staff as well as others who are interested in this topic will take on our challenge,” says Vice President Atte Kolehmainen, who is in charge of the arrangements for the event at Kansalaistori.

A shared workout at Kansalaistori at 2 pm

The event at Kansalaistori will be organised in collaboration with UniSport, the organisation offering university sports services in the Helsinki region. During the event UniSport will lead a joint, low-threshold workout that is open to all.

“We knew straight away that we would take part in this event. Investing in university sports is important, not just for the students’ ability to study, but also for their exercise habits once they reach working life,” says Iida Isotalo, coordinator at UniSport.

After the joint workout, the event will include a competition between two teams; one representing university students, the other representing decision makers.

“This event is also an excellent opportunity for decision makers to speak to representatives of the university and sports sectors,” Junnila says.

What? The joint Liikuttavan arvokas campaign: 54 minutes of physical activity.

Where? Anywhere: at home, outside, at university, or at Kansalaistori.

When? 22nd of February, 2 pm.

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