The future of student sports will be outlined at Kuortane on 10–11 November

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Higher education students will draw up their sports policy guidelines and elect a new board for the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) at their General Assembly at Kuortane Olympic Training Center on 10–11 November.

The General Assembly starts on Wednesday 10 November at 10:30 am. The keynote speech to the General Assembly will be held by Antti Kurvinen, Minister of Science, Culture and Sport. He will address the General Assembly on Wednesday, soon after the event has been opened.

During the two-day General Assembly we will discuss both statutory documents and OLL’s policy paper on sport. In the policy paper, higher education students will outline what changes should be made to society and higher education institutions so that students would engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and well-being. During the General Assembly, delegates will also discuss the code of ethics for events and competitions, which OLL will be implementing for the first time.

The OLL Trophy and the Flame of the Year prize will also be presented to those who have promoted student sports in the past year. On the second day of the General Assembly, we will elect a new board for the Federation for 2022.

45 delegates who are eligible to vote will participate in the General Assembly, some remotely. This is the first event that OLL is hosting in person since the spring of 2020.

The media and others who are interested in the General Assembly can watch the live broadcast on OLL’s Youtube channel. A link to the live broadcasts will also be published on the morning of each day of the assembly on the General Assembly website. The schedule of the assembly, the documents to be discussed and other details will also be published the same website. We will be using the hashtag #liikuntaliitto on social media.

OLL represents all higher education students in Finland, and 140,000 students are part of the Federation’s member organisations. OLL’s member organisations include the student unions at eight universities, the student associations at fifteen universities of applied sciences and at the National Defence University, and the student body at the Sport Institute of Finland. The Federation also has five higher education sports services as supporting members.

Further information:

Ida Bolander, Secretary General
tel. 044 780 0210

Julia Tuuri, OLL President
tel. 044 780 0211

Niko Peltokangas, Communications Specialist
tel. 046 921 1215

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