Student Newsletter 4/2022

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From the Student Newsletter, you can pick up news of interest to you or the university students for your organization’s own communication.

Sign the Citizens' Initiative for Statutory Psychology and Curatorial Services!

The Citizens' Initiative for Student Care for All proposes that equal psychological and curatorial services for higher education students be enshrined in law. Currently, some higher education institutes pay for the services themselves, but services vary nationwide.

Check out the initiative (in Finnish) and sign it here!

Tips for student wellbeing in the info bank

Whether you are a new student or more experienced, you can find tips for maintaining your ability to study on the Finnish Student Sports Federation website. Why not take a look at how to include more activity in your day at uni (in Finnish), or watch some videos (in Finnish) on how your breathing can support your wellbeing? We will keep expanding the Universities on the Move data bank with study and advocacy tips that we collect in our work for the benefit of both students and student organisations.

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