Jussi Ansala: Five perspectives on better higher education sports

Jussi Ansala, Senior Special Advisor for University Sport at OLL, analysed the makings of better higher education sports at the SeAMK Sports seminar held on 1 October at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Jussi looked at better higher education sports from five perspectives:

1. There are better justifications for higher education sports because its significance has increased as the number of higher education students increases. At the same time, however, students do not engage in sufficient physical exercise for their health and there is too much daily sitting.

2. Higher education sports is better recognised when laws and regulations on higher education institutions have been enacted.

3. Development grants awarded by the State are better measures of support for developing higher education sports. The grants have helped to start a number of new higher education sports service providers.

4. A better coverage of higher education sports has been included in the recommendations for higher education sports, which define, among other things, the necessary human resources. The recommendations aim to ensure that the entire higher education environment and its operating culture support maintaining and promoting everyday physical activity of the higher education community in all Finnish higher education institutions.

5. There are many examples of how to implement better higher education sports: Local exercise facilities and outdoor gyms have been built near the higher education institutions. Project grants have been used to create higher education sports entities that serve both students and staff. As the sports services become more established, they will also expand their operations to make the whole study day more physically active.

See the full presentation (pdf, in Finnish)!

Jussi Ansala

Senior Special Advisor for University Sport

Author profile: Jussi Ansala

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