The municipal elections were held – decision-making in municipal councils and committees begins

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How was physical exercise featured in the municipal elections of 2021 and what happens next?

How was physical exercise featured in the municipal elections of 2021?

The role of physical exercise was minimal in the conversations and debates prior to the elections as well as in the election compasses. Only a few election panels featured a debate on young people’s amount of physical exercise. Most Finnish political parties agreed that access to at least one meaningful hobby should be guaranteed for each child or teen. Nevertheless, the opinions on how to finance these hobbies varied to a great extent.

In the autumn of 2021, the decision-making in the newly formed municipal councils and committees will kick off. There are many committees that have a great impact on various important matters, such as access to sports facilities and equal chances to practice physical exercise. Here at OLL (Finnish Student Sports Federation) we plan to support the advocacy work in the auditing committees by gathering materials about matters that are of great importance to us.

On behalf of OLL, I would like to thank every municipal election candidate and voter for making democracy a reality! Let’s now kick back and relax for the summer and get ready for the advocacy work of the autumn!

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