Parkour and ultimate offered to higher education institutions!

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The project Parkouria ja ultimatea opiskelijoille (Parkour and ultimate for students) supports increasing physical activity and exercise among students through these sports. With the help of the project, we are able to offer sports try-outs to higher education institutions at a reasonable price using, if possible, the facilities of the educational institution or nearby facilities. Sports try-outs can be carried out very flexibly, for example, as part of events and exercise sessions. Sports try-outs can also be offered as sports courses.

Parkour can be practised and ultimate played both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, parkour can be done by vaulting over structures of buildings, such as handrails, stairs and walls. Ultimate can be played, for example, on grass, artificial grass fields or gravel pitches. In indoor sports facilities, it would be good to find some gymnastics apparatus and equipment for parkour and a gym for ultimate.

In addition to the sports try-outs, the project offers training tailored for sports tutors. After the training, the tutors will be able to instruct individual classes or mini-try-outs in these sports. There are separate training sessions on parkour and ultimate, each lasting 2.5 to 3 hours. Educational institutions can buy training sessions on one or both sports as needed. The aim of the training is to integrate these sports into the activities of the educational institution.

We are also open to all suggestions and try to find a way to carry out the project that best serves the needs of your educational institution!

For more information about the project, please contact the project coordinator Ulla Kiili by email at or by phone (tel. 045 125 1723).

What are parkour and ultimate?

Parkour is an old sport with the aim of moving smoothly, typically in urban environment. The values of the sport include safety, responsibility and respect for the spaces used. In other words, parkour is not an extreme sport. Instead, everyone practises techniques typical of the sports, such as vaulting over obstacles, at their own level. The principles of parkour include good stretching and flexibility training, warm-up and respect for the spaces used.

Ultimate is a team sport originating in the United States and played with a flying disc. The aim of the game is to score a set number of goals, that is points, faster than the opposing team. A goal is scored when a player catches a pass from a teammate in the goal area or end zone. Having fun is often the most important goal! Ultimate is a fast non-contact sport where there are no referees, among other things. Ultimate develops a wide range of skills, such as throwing skills, an eye for the game, tactical understanding and physical characteristics. There is a special emphasis on the spirit of fair play. Ultimate can easily be played in different ways with a smaller number of players and with simplified rules, and practising throwing techniques is part of the sport.

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