Funding for sports in the budget session

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The Finnish government’s budget session is over. Together with SYL and SAMOK, we were on watch at The House of the Estates during the budget session on 17 September 2019. The purpose of us being at The House of Estates was to remind the arriving negotiators to give some thought to students during budget negotiations.

The results of the budget session were published in the evening of the same day. To our delight, exercise and sports will be getting more funding than during the previous government. As a sports federation, OLL has been working towards getting more funding for exercise and sports. Next, we will make sure that the funding for sports is also directed towards promoting student sports.

As far as sports are concerned, the results of the session were as follows:

“An appropriation of EUR 6 million is proposed for the cross-administrative physical activity programme and EUR 2 million for the construction of sports facilities in 2020. An increase of EUR 4.8 million is proposed for promoting sports, physical activity and elite sports in 2020. EUR 6.2 million will be reserved in 2021, and EUR 4.5 million in 2022 and 2023, for the implementation of the Report on Sports Policy.”

We will be continuing our advocacy work to make sure that student sports really get the funding they need.

Read our shared take on the budget session.

Jussi Ansala

Senior Special Advisor for University Sport

Author profile: Jussi Ansala

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