Essi Lumme elected as President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation

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The new President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) for 2022 is Essi Lumme. She is currently the Vice-President of the Federation. At the General Assembly, which ended today in Kuortane, Jani Ressi and ZZ were elected as OLL’s new Vice-Presidents, while Pekko Pirhonen was elected as Member of the Board.

“The importance of the work that the Finnish Student Sports Federation does has been highlighted during the Covid crisis. It is clear that the national decision-making requires a national expert organisation to promote higher education and student sports so that the value they offer in building physical activity and mental well-being is recognised,” OLL’s newly elected President Lumme comments.

The General Assembly also approved OLL’s updated policy paper on sport, which compiles the Federation’s most important goals. The policy paper takes a stand on issues such as equality in and funding of sports, and supporting daily physical activity.

“We are looking for a new model for the funding of the sports sector, while also preparing for the 2023 parliamentary election. Next year we, the experts in student sports and higher education on the move, must turn the importance of physical activity into a major campaign theme,” Lumme describes her vision.

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