What changed on the OLL website?

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We redesigned our website and paid special attention to accessibility on the OLL website. What does accessibility mean and what changed on the OLL website?

How has the OLL website been redesigned and updated, Communications Specialist Hannasofia Hardwick?

We have redesigned and updated our website thoroughly from the visual look to the content and the menu structure. The aim of the website redesign project is to better meet the needs of our member organisations and other stakeholders, that is, to give useful information in the right form and place on the website. Examples of the updates include a separate web page for the Higher Education on the Move data bank, a separate training calendar and a meeting register to increase our transparency.

We started the project at the beginning of this year by considering the needs of our users: what information they look for on our website, what new content should be available on the website and where the different pages should be located in the website hierarchy. We included both members of our member organisations and representatives of stakeholders in the planning stage so that the solutions would not only be educated guesses. We cooperated closely with Avoine, the company that carried out the website redesign, throughout the project. We are very pleased with the end result!

What does website ‘accessibility’ mean?

Website accessibility aims to make it easy for anyone, regardless of their disability or impediment, to use the website. This means, among other things, that you can read the web pages using a screen reader and navigate the website using only your keyboard. This also means that there is a sufficient colour contrast between the text and the background and clear and meaningfully structured content.

In which languages is the new OLL website available?

Our new website is available in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. Most of the permanent web pages have been published in Finnish and Swedish. In the English version, our main focus has been on content for students.

What to do if you notice an error or unclear communication on the OLL website?

Please use the form on the website to give us feedback on any problems you have noticed. We will try to fix these problems as soon as possible.

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