The pilot episode of the Opiskelijaliike podcast debates the future of national advocacy work

This is the Opiskelijaliike podcast, where we will be looking into the future of university sports! On our pilot episode we had a visit from Siiri Turunen from the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) and interviewed Tytti Saarinen, chair of Badminton Finland.

This episode focuses on the future of national sports and student advocacy work.

TYY decided to leave OLL this year. What kind of goals should the Sports Federation set in order to get its members to commit to shared advocacy work?

Since the harassment cases within the Olympic Committee came out, Badminton Finland have tried to start a conversation about the umbrella organisation’s responsibility and the state of its administration. How can we make declarations of responsibility align with practical actions?

Vice chair Tekla Hahl and Communications Specialist Niko Peltokangas from the Finnish Student Sports Federation also join the conversation.

Listen to the pilot episode (in Finnish) below or on Soundcloud!

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