Kristiina Teppo chosen temporary Communications Specialist

Kristiina Teppo has been chosen as the temporary Communications Specialist of the Finnish Student Sports Federation, standing in for Niko Peltokangas, who is currently in the position of the federation’s Secretary General.

Kristiina Teppo will hold the position of Communications Specialist until 31 July 2023. Teppo, who
previously held the position of Communications Planner, is enthusiastic about the development potential
of the job and about the improvement of student wellbeing.

“It’s great to be engaged in communication work for a good cause in a great team. There are many
aspects of student wellbeing to develop to which the Finnish Student Sports Federation can offer not only
our expert opinion but also provide practical tools thanks to our extensive network. An active lifestyle
supports students’ mental health and improves their wellbeing also in the future,” says Teppo.

With an MA in history, general linguistics and international business communications, she has
experience not only in communication but also teaching, sales and translation.

“In terms of communication, I’m interested in target group oriented communication and the development
of user-friendliness and accessibility. The Finnish Student Sports Federation provides a professionally
interesting operating environment, excellent co-workers and a working environment that matches my

Kristiina Teppo began in this position on 24 August 2022.

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