Budget session should invest in expansion of Finnish Schools on the Move programme!


We, the undersigned organisations, demand that, in its budget session, the Finnish Government resolve to fund the expansion of the Finnish Schools on the Move programme's operating model to the entire Finnish education system.

The 'invest in the future' element of Antti Rinne's Government programme includes the expansion of the Finnish Schools on the Move programme to various phases of life. This programme is a successful concept which has led to fundamental changes in recent years in the conditions and operating culture of schools to promote exercise and physical activity (e.g. co-operation with health care and work capacity certificate).

"Too little exercise and extended, daily periods spent sitting down are still routine features of the Finnish education system at all levels. In addition to basic education, in vocational colleges and upper-secondary schools, as well as universities of applied sciences and universities, there is a large group of young people whose daily physical activity is insufficient to sustain their health and wellbeing", say the presidents of the organisations that signed the resolution.

"Expanding the Finnish Schools on the Move programme would bring the transition phases between educational levels, as well as the levels themselves, into the programme. Such transitions are particularly sensitive phases of life for children and youngsters, in terms of changes to their health and exercise routines. This would be an investment in the nation's future, which would produce thriving youths and young adults capable of study, work and active livestyles", the presidents conclude.

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL)
Joonas Suikula Ida Bolander
President Secretary General

The Finnish School Sport Federation (KLL)
Raija Vahasalo Kristiina Jakobsson
President Executive Manager

The Culture and Sports Federation of Vocational Education (SAKU)
Antti Lahti Saija Sippola
President Executive Manager

National Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI)
Elias Tenkanen Hanna Huumonen
President Secretary General

The Union of Upper Secondary School Students (SLL)
Roosa Pajunen Heikki Luoto
President Secretary General

The University of Applied Sciences Students in Finland – SAMOK

Iiris Hynönen Armi Murto
President Executive Manager

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
Sanni Lehtinen Eero Manninen
President Secretary General

Further details:
Joonas Suikula, joonas.suikula@oll.fi, 0447800211
Kristiina Jakobsson, kristiina.jakobsson@kll.fi, 040 500 2661
Saija Sippola, saija.sippola@sakury.net, 044 3434 123
Elias Tenkanen, elias.tenkanen@sakkiry.fi, 044 7530 581
Roosa Pajunen, roosa.pajunen@lukio.fi, 0400 916 466
Iiris Hynönen, iiris.hynonen@samok.fi, 050 389 1000
Sanni Lehtinen, sanni.lehtinen@syl.fi, 044 906 5007

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