Meetings with tag: Sport policy

We want our operations to be as transparent as possible. Naturally, this transparency also concerns the lobbying that we do as part of our advocacy work. We meet with numerous people in positions of influence every year. We also meet with other people in an effort to advance our key objectives.

With the constantly updated meeting register, our member corporations and other stakeholders can stay up-to-date on what kind of advocacy work and networking we are doing to achieve our goals.

Meeting register is maintained in Finnish and you can find it on the Tapaamisrekisteri page.

In the register, you will find all the essential information regarding our meetings with people. We enter the key information of each meeting in the register: who we have met and when. The people we have met with have granted us permission to publish this information.

Do you have questions about the meeting register? In matters related to the meeting register, please contact OLL’s Secretary General. You can find our up-to-date contact details on the Contact information page.

  • Olympiakomitean vaikuttamisklinikka

    Meeting date:

    Essi Lumme, Jorma Alastalo, Ida Bolander, Jussi Ansala

  • Liikunta työkyvyn tukena -webinaari, Olympiakomitea

    Meeting date:

    Antti Pentikäinen