Sanna-Maria Ahl

Vice President 2020

Sports policy and equality

Email address:

+358 44 780 0215

A day in the life of Sanna-Maria is a whirlwind of different activities, such as the municipal elections, equality and the Higher Education on the Move programme. As if keeping all these things afloat would not be enough, things on the advocacy front also tend to move forward at quite a brisk pace. This soon-to-be-graduated nurse dreams of buying her own apartment one day, but for now she remains content with waiting and seeing, dribbling away at hand soap in the meantime.

Sports policy is on Sanna-Maria’s mind also during her free time, as she is involved in party politics. Enough to make one’s head spin? Not if you ask Sanna-Maria, who also likes to take a swirl on the pole or aerial hoop during her free time.

Sponsored organisations: ASK, ISYY, JAMKO, JYY, KAMO, KOE, LTKY, METKA, SAVOTTA, Tahkon talli (student association of the Sport Institute of Finland)