Antti Pentikäinen

Antti is the President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation. He has first-row seats to sports policy, international affairs and meetings with representatives of various interest groups.

The creation of OLL’s new strategy and smaller everyday tasks are Antti’s ways of engaging in the development of organisational culture. Antti studies information and service management at the Aalto University, which means that he also gets to act as the Office’s IT consultant from time to time.

Antti likes to wear a blazer and a dress shirt also during his free time, but he is a bit concerned about this, as people in the sports sector should be more laid-back. When he goes jogging or hits the gym, Antti puts on a sportier attire, however.

Sponsored organisations: AYY, HAMKO, HYY, Kadettitoverikunta (student association for cadets), Polamk, TREY, TYY, SKY