Student Elite Sports

Student Elite Sports is an established name for international championships meant for athletes studying in higher education institutions, and generally stands for the Universiades and the World University Championships. The Universiades are a multi-sport event arranged every odd year and, much like the Olympic Games, divided into winter and summer sports. Even years are reserved for the World University Championships, which is a general title for separate tournaments in those sports that are not included in the regular program of the Universiades. The Universiades and the World University Championships offer internationally promising athletes an opportunity to gain experience of big international event and a chance to compete on a high level.

Each Universiade city is picked by the International University Sports Federation FISU (Federation Internatiole du Sport Universitaire) and chosen through bidding. The Finnish Student Sports Federation is a member of FISU. The OLL Sports Director is in charge of Finnish Student Elite Sports.

The concept of student elite sports includes not only international championship games, but also advocacy, which enables the flexible conjoining of higher education and elite sports on an individual level. Almost every Finnish municipality with a higher education institution has its own Sports Academy that is nationally coordinated by the Finnish Olympic Committee. OLL actively promotes the concept of a dual career for athletes in higher education by bringing attention to the importance and challenges of combining studies and sports in various contexts. The OLL Sports Director is a member of the Sports Academy Higher Education Working Group. OLL is a member organisation of the Finnish Olympic Committee.