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From 19.05 to 21.05.2017 Latvia, Riga hosted the most anticipated student sporting event – the XXXIII SELL student games. These student games attracted more than 1500 participants from 65 universities and 13 countries – Latvia, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Lebanon, China, England, Italy and Australia.

The XXXIII SELL student games were opened with a spectacular show in the Culture Palace “Ziemeļblāzma”. The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of the president of the European University Sport Association (EUSA) Adam Roczek, representative of the Board of the International Student Sport Federation (FISU) Kairis Ulp, the Head of the Office of the Minister of Education and Science Andis Geižāns and the Director of the Department of Sport Edgars Severs, General Secretary of the Latvian Olympic Committee Žoržs Tikmers, Head of the Sport and Youth Office of the Riga Council Education, Culture and Sport Department Dina Vīksna and other notables.

The largest student delegation was the Latvian delegation. In total, 554 students from 19 universities of Latvia participated in these SELL Student Games. The largest university delegation came from the Latvian Sport Pedagogy Academy (LSPA) – 146 participants, the Latvian Agriculture University (LLU) was represented by 90 participants and the Riga Stradiņu University (RSU) – by 89 participants. The largest delegation from abroad came from our neighbours Lithuania. In total, 397 Lithuanian students participated, representing 11 universities. The largest delegation from Lithuania came from the Lithuanian University of Sport – 74 students. From Estonia, 107 students participated in total, and from Finland – 98 participants. The China delegation was also well represented with 54 participants representing 7 different Chinese universities.

The students competed in 15 different disciplines – Track and Field, Basketball, Rugby 7, Floorball, Mini football, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Swimming, Powerlifting, Table tennis, Judo, Badminton, Orienteering, Wrestling (Freestyle Wrestling and Greek-Roman Wrestling) and Weightlifting. The most popular team sport was volleyball where 11 men’s and 10 women’s teams competed. The most popular individual sport was track and field where 194 participants came out to compete in the Ogre Stadium.

The total medal tally of the XXXIII SELL Student Sport Games was dominated by the Lithuanian University of Sport, which won 17 Gold medals, 14 Silver and 9 Bronze medals. The second spot was taken by the Latvian Sport Pedagogy Academy (LSPA) with 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, while the third spot went to the Lobachevsky State University from Nizhniy Novgorod with 6 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. Among countries, the Lithuanian delegation dominated with a total of 143 medals. The second spot was taken by Latvia with 94 medals and the third spot by Russia with 23 medals.

Detailed results of the competitions can be found here:

“Youth, activity, sport – these are essential characteristics of student life! These are the future leaders, showing enthusiasm not just for studies but also for various social activities, and sport can provide plenty of them. Let us all do our best to enrich this unique taste of student sport life!” exclaims Agita Ābele, the president of the Latvian University Sport Association.

The XXXIII SELL student games were organized by the Latvian University Sport Association (LASS) in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science (IZM), the Latvian Sport Federation Council (LSFP), the Riga Council, RTAB “Live Riga”, RSU, the University of Latvia, the Riga Technical University, LSPA, SIA “BITE Latvija”, “DLVbet Sporta Bārs”, SIA “MAXIMA Latvija”.

The next – XXXIV SELL Student Sport Games will take place in Tartu, Estonia, from May 18 to 20 next year.


Information: The SELL (Suomi, Eesti, Latvija, Lietuva) Student Games with their 90 years of history are regarded as the open European Northern Country Olympic Games for Students with the patronage of EUSA (European University Sport Association) and FISU (International Student Sport Federation). The Games are alternately organized by one of the Baltic States and Finland. The XXXIII SELL Student Games were one of the largest international student sport events in 2017.


Information prepared by

Executive Director of LASS, Kristīne Karašniece,


OLL: HEIs must support reducing students’ daily sitting through floor and interior design as well as furniture solutions!

15.02.2017 // 13:22

Statement 15 February 2017

The Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) demands that all higher education institutions consider the options interior and floor design as well as furniture solutions in order to support reduced daily sitting for students and other members of the academic community. According to the Higher Education Student Health Survey published by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) on 13 February, higher education students sit close to 11 hours daily on weekdays. Only 16% of students sit less than eight hours per day.

“These results are very alarming. Sitting too much is an independent health risk factor. At present, Finnish higher education milieus hardly at all support reducing daily sitting for the higher education community,” comments OLL’s Vice President Otto Takala, responsible for sport policy.  “It is a sad fact that the higher education facilities almost without exception have been planned, built, decorated and furnished in such a way that it is not easy or natural to pause one’s sitting or to work standing up,” continues Takala.

A qualitative study carried out by OLL in cooperation with the research company Ahaa! showed that students themselves think they sit too much, but they find it difficult to reduce sitting in their higher education milieu. Students would be happy to sit less than presently if it were easy to reduce sitting.

“OLL demands that and challenges higher education institutions to consider the national recommendations and principles on reducing sitting when planning floor and interior design and furniture. We need this to change, now. A healthy higher education community is a goal we must not give up on,” concludes Vice President Takala.

Contact details:
Special Advisor for University Sport Jussi Ansala,, +358 44 7800 214
Special Advisor for University Sport Hanne Munter,, +358 44 7800 219 – all tournaments in one system

26.01.2017 // 15:12

The Finnish Student Championships’ (FSC) new website has been opened to enable students to sign up directly for the tournaments and to see who has already signed up. By developing the website and the concept we are also able to promote student sports to other interest groups in a stronger and clearer way. The aim of these reforms is to increase attendance at and awareness of the Championships.

During this service design project, which was carried out by the Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL, the concept for the FSC event was made more customer focused. The Championships also got a consistent registration system, as well as a new website and visual identity.

“This digital system has enabled the FSC to take a huge leap forward. It is now easier to sign up for the tournaments, and the students can find all sports in one place. The system has been developed based on feedback from event organisers, participants and individual students, and the work is still ongoing,” explains an excited Vice-President Juho Paavola, the man in charge of events.

The launch of will also see the first ever Let’s Bowl; a new low-threshold bowling competition. This competition is carried out with teams of three to five people. The teams go bowling at their local bowling alley, fill out the results form and hand it in at the bowling alley, from where it is then sent to the Finnish Bowling Federation. In December the top three teams receive a prize.

“We want to increase the number of low-threshold opportunities to participate and increase awareness about the FSC concept amongst university students. Anyone can take part in the FSC, regardless of performance level. We will focus even more on making the Championships more responsible, improve the experience for the participants and find more sustainable solutions for production,” states education and events coordinator Jenny Söderman, who is in charge of the service design.

Contact details:

Vice-president Juho Paavola
+358 44 7800 215

Coordinator, education and events Jenny Söderman
+358 44 7800 217

Sign up for the FSC newsletter

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The aim of having national championships for students is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle amongst students and to improve their wellbeing by offering low-threshold sports within the student community, the joy of movement and a good atmosphere. Event organisers, who are often students themselves, gain valuable experience in project management and a beneficial hobby related to sports and exercise.

The website was produced by Jani Hyytiäinen at Oncode and the visual identity was created by Teemu Perhiö.

Marjukka Mattila elected as President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation 2017

09.11.2016 // 12:29

The General Assembly of the Finnish Student Sports Federation (OLL) has elected ms. Marjukka Mattila as President for 2017. Marjukka Mattila is a 24-year-old student from University of Jyväskylä and is currently working as Vice President at the Finnish Student Sports Federation.

The General Assembly also elected the Federation’s Board for the following year. Mr. Juho Paavola from the Student Union SAMMAKKO of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and mr. Otto Takala from the Student Union of Sport Institute of Finland Tahkon Talli were elected as Vice Presidents. Pekka Petäkoski from the Student Union of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences was re-elected a Member of Board.

The General Assembly also adopted the action plan for the year 2017. The main themes for next year are upcoming municipal elections and decreasing sedentary behavior among students with social marketing. Another goal for 2017 is to successfully adopt a new registration system for National Student Championships.

The meeting gathered around 60 representatives from student unions and universities’ sports services in the Sport Institute of Finland in Vierumäki on November 3. –4., 2016. The Finnish Student Sports Federation warmly congratulates the new Board and thanks all participants of the General Assembly.


Bennie Wardi

Hanna Laakso
Secretary General

More information:

OLL President 2016, Bennie Wardi,, +358 44 7800 211
OLL President 2017, Marjukka Mattila,, +358 44 7800 215
OLL Secretary General, Hanna Laakso,, +358 44 7800 210

XXXII SELL Student Games are coming to Tampere

06.05.2015 // 15:25

The XXXII SELL Student Games 2016 will be held in Tampere, Finland. The games are organized by TUrVoKe ry in co-operation with the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology and the city of Tampere.

The SELL Games are one of Europe’s largest multisport events for students. The last SELL Games in Tarto, Estonia, had 1700 participants representing 78 different universities from 15 different countries. The games are open to university students from all over the world, but the games are organized by the SELL countries Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“Organizing the SELL Games in Tampere 2016 is a great thing for students in Tampere. The SELL Games will bring a lot of positive coverage for Tampere University of Technology and the city of Tampere,” says Outi Potila, President of TurVoKe ry.

“Each year the SELL games gather a significant number of international students to have fun with sports. We are very happy that Tampere is going to organize the games,” adds Bennie Wardi, Vice-president of the Finnish Student Sports Federation.

The first SELL Games were organized in 1923. The tradition broke off because of the Second World War, but it was continued in 1998. The games were organized in Finland in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

For more information, please contact:

Outi Potila, President, TUrVoKe ry,

Hilkka Laitinen, General Secretary, Finnish Student Sports Federation,,+358447800210

Opiskelijoiden Liikuntaliitto ry (OLL) on 1924 perustettu valtakunnallinen opiskelija- ja korkeakoululiikunnan edunvalvonta- ja palvelujärjestö. OLL:n edustaa kaikkia Suomen korkeakouluopiskelijoita. OLL vaikuttaa, palvelee, kouluttaa, tutkii ja toimii niin kansallisilla kuin kansainvälisilläkin kentillä opiskelijaliikunnan puolesta.


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OLL’s new website in English.